The MGS SPICE Data Archive; Mapping Data: Cycles 4,5,6


   This document provides an overview of this volume of the Mars 
   Global Surveyor SPICE Data Archive, including a complete listing
   of the volume contents.
   This volume contains navigation and ancillary data in the form of
   SPICE System kernel files for the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS)
   spacecraft during the 4th, 5th and 6th 28-day cycles of the Mapping 
   Phase of the mission. See the file MISSION.CAT in the CATALOG 
   directory for a description of the various phases of the mission.
   The SPICE kernel files contain geometric and much other ancillary
   information needed to recover the full value of science instrument
   data. In particular SPICE kernels provide spacecraft and planetary
   ephemerides, instrument mounting alignments, spacecraft orientation,
   spacecraft sequences of events, data needed for certain time
   conversions, etc. Data in the SPICE kernel files can be accessed
   using the NAIF (Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility)
   software necessary to read these files.

Volume Format

   This volume has been formatted according to the ISO-9660 level 2 
   Interchange Standard.  

   This volume does not contain any Extended Attribute Records (XAR).
   Thus, some VAX/VMS users may have problems accessing files on this 

File Formats

   All text documents and other meta information files such as
   descriptions, PDS object definitions and detached PDS labels are
   stream format files, with a carriage return (ASCII 13) and a line
   feed character (ASCII 10) at the end of the record.  This allows
   the files to be read by MS-DOS/Windows, Unix, and VMS operating

   The data files on this version of the disk were prepared to be used
   under a UNIX environment. Therefore all SPICE text kernel files are
   UNIX text files, with a line feed character (ASCII 10) at the end
   of the line, and all SPICE binary kernels files are UNIX binary
   files in which bit pattern structures for double precision and
   integer numbers follow IEEE standard.

Volume Contents

   Files on this volume are organized into a set of subdirectories
   below the top-level directory. The following table shows the
   structure and content of these directories. In the table, directory
   names are enclosed in square brackets ([]). See the *INFO.TXT files
   in each directory for specific information on the files in the

   |-- AAREADME.TXT        The text version of the AAREADME file.
   |-- AAREADME.HTM        The HTML version of the AAREADME file.
   |-- AAREADME.LBL        PDS label for AAREADME files.
   |-- VOLDESC.CAT         Description of the contents of this volume.
   |--[CATALOG]            Directory containing PDS catalog objects.
   |  |
   |  |-- CATINFO.TXT      Description of files in the CATALOG directory.
   |  |-- SPICEDS.CAT      Description of SPICE data set.
   |  |-- INSTHOST.CAT     Description of the spacecraft.
   |  |-- MISSION.CAT      Description of the mission.
   |  |-- PERSON.CAT       Description of personnel created this volume.
   |  +-- REF.CAT          List of publications mentioned in *.CAT files.
   |--[DATA]               Directory containing SPICE data files (kernels.)
   |  |
   |  |--[CK]              Directory containing CK files.
   |  |  |
   |  |  |-- CKINFO.TXT    Description of files in the DATA/CK directory
   |  |  |-- *.BC          CK files.
   |  |  +-- *.LBL         PDS labels for CK files.
   |  |
   |  |--[EK]              Directory containing EK files.
   |  |  |
   |  |  |-- EKINFO.TXT    Description of files in the DATA/EK directory
   |  |  |-- *.BDB         EK Database files.
   |  |  |-- *.BES         EK Sequence files.
   |  |  |-- *.TEN         EK Experimenter's Notebook files.
   |  |  +-- *.LBL         PDS labels for EK files.
   |  |
   |  |--[FK]              Directory containing FK file(s).
   |  |  |
   |  |  |-- FKINFO.TXT    Description of files in the DATA/FK directory.
   |  |  |-- *.TF          FK file(s).
   |  |  +-- *.LBL         PDS labels for FK files.
   |  |
   |  |--[IK]              Directory containing IK files.
   |  |  |
   |  |  |-- IKINFO.TXT    Description of files in the DATA/IK directory.
   |  |  |-- *.TI          IK files.
   |  |  +-- *.LBL         PDS labels for IK files.
   |  |
   |  |--[LSK]             Directory containing LSK files.
   |  |  |
   |  |  |-- LSKINFO.TXT   Description of files in the DATA/LSK directory.
   |  |  |-- *.TLS         FK file(s).
   |  |  +-- *.LBL         PDS labels for LSK files.
   |  |
   |  |--[PCK]             Directory containing PCK file(s).
   |  |  |
   |  |  |-- PCKINFO.TXT   Description of files in the DATA/PCK directory.
   |  |  |-- *.TPC         PCK file(s).
   |  |  +-- *.LBL         PDS labels for PCK files.
   |  |
   |  |--[SCLK]            Directory containing SCLK file(s).
   |  |  |
   |  |  |-- SCLKINFO.TXT  Description of files in the DATA/SCLK directory.
   |  |  |-- *.TSC         SCLK file(s).
   |  |  +-- *.LBL         PDS labels for SCLK files.
   |  |
   |  +--[SPK]             Directory containing SPK files.
   |     |
   |     |-- SPKINFO.TXT   Description of files in the DATA/SPK directory.
   |     |-- *.BSP         SPK files.
   |     +-- *.LBL         PDS labels for SPK files.
   |--[DOCUMENT]           Directory containing volume related documents.
   |  |
   |  |-- DOCINFO.TXT      Description of files in the DOCUMENT directory.
   |  |-- ONLABELS.TXT     Description of PDS labels for SPICE kernels.
   |  +-- LBLINFO.TXT      Description of PDS label location on this volume.
   |--[INDEX]              Directory containing index files.
   |  |
   |  |-- INDXINFO.TXT     Description of files in the INDEX directory.
   |  |-- INDEX.TAB        Index table of SPICE kernels on this volume.
   |  +-- INDEX.LBL        PDS label for INDEX.TAB file.
      +-- SOFTINFO.TXT     Instructions on how to obtain SPICE System Software.

Whom to Contact for Information

   PDS Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility (NAIF),
   MAIL STOP 301-125L
   Jet Propulsion Laboratory
   California Institute of Technology
   4800 Oak Grove Drive
   Pasadena, CA, 91109-8099
   WWW Site:
   Electronic mail address:

Cognizant Persons

   This volume was designed and produced by Boris Semenov, Planetary
   Data System Navigation and Ancillary Information Facility Node,
   Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California.